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GTN Tournament

What is GTN Tournament?

The first decentralized official lottery on the Relictum Pro platform conducted through a smart contract, where the selected participant receives the tournament's main prize

Video instruction Youtube

Game rules Basic steps

Launch your Relictum Wallet. You can download the app using this link.
Stake a minimum of 1000 GTN for 1 year. Each operation in the Relictum Blockchain has its own Hash (tag).
When determining the winners, the system takes into account the numbers in the first 10 characters of the participant's transaction Hash.
3 participants with the highest number in the hash number share the prizes*
🥇 1 place — Smartphone Apple Iphone 15 128Gb🥈 2 place — Smart watch Apple Watch Series 9🥉 3 place — Headphones Apple AirPods 2
* - at the winner's request, the prize can be replaced with an equivalent amount in USDR: smartphone - 1,000 USDR, smartwatch - 500 USDR, headphones - 150 USDR)
The more transfers a tournament participant makes, the higher their chances of winning!
Winners are determined automatically. Keep an eye on the results, the current amount in the bank, and the tournament end date on the website and in Telegram